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Standard Shapes
Standard Profile Shapes

Cold Drawn Standard Steel Shapes

Precision Kidd produces cold drawn steel shapes in a variety of standard profiles---rounds, squares, flats, hexagon --- in a full range of English and Metric Sizes, ranging from 0.028" to 3".

Steel Shapes

Steel Round BarsRounds
from .028” to 3.00”
from .028” to .812”
Steel Hexagon BarsHexagons / Octagons
from .028” to 2.50”
from .028” to .750”
(Octagons-same size ranges)
Steel Square BarsSquares
from .028” to 2.50”
from .028” to .750
Steel Flat BarsFlats / Rectangles
Bar:  widths from .125” to 5.00”;
Thickness from .125” to 2.00”
(Maximum cross section 9 sq. in.)
Wire:  widths from .050” to .750”; Thickness from .028” to .500
Centerless Ground & Polished Steel RoundsCenterless Ground & Polished Rounds
from greater than
.812” to 2.000”
from .0062” to .812

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Note: These standard steel shapes can be produced as bar or wire in a wide variety of steel grades including: Carbon Steel, Alloy Steel, Tool Steel, High Speed Steel and Stainless Steel. In addition, these standard shapes can be supplied in custom sizes (English and Metric), special tolerances, finishes and mechanical properties. Precision Kidd can surface improve many of these products to provide elevated surface qualities, such as: "Seam Free" and "Decarb Free," as well as NDT tested for surface discontinuities.
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