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Custom Engineered Special Profile Shapes
Special Steel Shapes

Custom Engineered Special Steel Profile Shapes

We produce hundreds of custom special steel shapes for a wide variety of markets and applications.  Our customers choose Precision Kidd cold drawn shapes because they save time and money and offer superior quality.  We will be glad to do a free analysis of your part(s). Click Here (pdf)

Special ShapesWhy Cold Drawn Steel Special Profile Shapes Are Better

  • Dramatically reduces machining time/steel costs
  • Significantly reduces material loss/improves yields
  • Produces closer tolerances
  • Improves manufacturing capabilities without adding machinery/tooling
  • Reduces manpower/training
  • Enables automated production of difficult parts
  • Suits lean manufacturing techniques
  • Lowest tooling costs for precision tolerances
  • Enables smaller manufacturer to compete
  • Enables larger manufacturer to re-focus manpower/resources

Note: Special Shapes/Profiles can be made in both bar and wire products and sizes.

Sizes: Special Steel Shapes: Bar: from .028” to 3” thick and up to 5” wide Maximum cross section 9 sq. in. Wire: from .028 to .750”

Cold Drawn Steel Shapes Can Save You Manpower, Capital and Labor Costs

Cold drawn steel shapes/profiles could save you up to 75% or more on the cost of machining parts. You can eliminate machining steps and scrap loss. If you are machining "Premium Valued Material" (Tool Steel, High Speed, and Stainless Steels), the savings with special shapes/profiles can provide even more significant Yield Savings Dollars. Click the link below to see a video of how this is done.

Cold Finished Bar and Coil Drawing - YouTube

You may be able to make finished steel parts by just sawing sections of the cold drawn steel shape bar, then finish the part with little or no additional machining.

Special Shapes STANDARD
Standard Cold Drawn Round Standard Cold Drawn Rectangle Standard Cold Drawn Square
Machining Scrap Loss for Standard Cold Drawn Steel section.

Cost Benefit Analysis Special ShapesCost Benefit Analysis

Comparison of Yield Loss Dollars for the Same Part Machined from a Standard Section Bar vs PK Special Shaped Bar. Click the icon to view chart. (pdf)


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